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Janet Rae Orth Letting Go Testimonials

Reviews About Janet Rae Orth

Reviews About

Janet Rae Orth

Janet has an incredible gift. She gave me so much hope and information that I’m excited to implement into my daily life. Her reading had a profound impact on the way I look at many things, particularly my career, and I hope to be able to get another reading with her one day! – MR

I was about to send you a thank you note. Our conversation was one of the highlights of my time at Miraval this trip. You gave me a lot to think about. – KE, Philadelphia, PA

My intuitive reading on Sunday was amazing! You have a real gift and I left with much to process and think about. Thank you – KB, Chicago, IL

Thank you again for teaching me how to manifest and all of the incredible skills that go along with it. I’ve been practicing and finding it very helpful in my life!!! Life-changing and I feel such a sense of calm and direction.

I hope all is going well for you and your family and look forward to our next session next if not before!

THANK YOU!!! Wishing you all the best! – JG, Naples, FL

I am so grateful for Spirit directing me here. I am very grateful for your instruction and providing tools for a life time. You soothe my soul when I needed it. It was amazing. I am so appreciative.

I feel like a different person with a renewed and lighter energy after attending the immersion. With Janet’s guidance, I was able to tap into my intuition and really listen to myself. I now feel like I can be specific about what I am wanting to manifest in my life. Thank you to Janet for leading this amazing experience and everyone who attended for sharing their energy.

I am not sure I have the words to express my gratitude for you and the last few days. Thank you for the skills, tools, guidance, readings, and over all peace of mind you have helped me discover. I am looking forward to my growth in all aspects of my life. I am excited about our working together and future immersions.

Attending the ‘Letting Go’ session with Janet on Sunday was a truly transformative experience. Janet, with her warmth and expertise, guided us through exercises that helped us release emotional burdens and taught us valuable energy protection techniques. Her guided meditation was a highlight, allowing us to visualize and let go of deep-seated fears and attachments. I’ve since incorporated grounding and shielding practices into my daily routine, which have significantly improved my emotional well-being and resilience. I’m grateful to Janet for this enlightening experience, which has empowered me to protect my energy and move forward with a lighter heart. – RK, Naples, FL

Let me begin by saying thank you, a million times thank you. This weekend was insightful, transformative, and life changing. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the entire experience, beginning with meeting you last month in Tucson. – AC, Naples, FL (Letting Go & Manifesting 101 Workshops)

As part of my company retreat, I brought my whole team (of empaths) to work with Janet Rae Orth. By far, this was their favorite workshop out of all the events I had curated for them. Janet’s ability to see through the clutter and hone in on what’s really blocking someone from their own power and truth is unmatched. She is compassionate, witty, connected, and brilliantly intuitive. I can’t recommend her enough! – DG, San Diego

Janet Rae Orth is an incredibly skilled and dedicated intuitive practitioner whose abilities far exceed the norm. Not only is she a gifted and amused,  offering nuanced insights and sound advice, but a wonderful teacher who builds community and depth with each of her workshop participants. Her solid techniques to harness and manage our energy make a daily difference in becoming our truest, strongest selves. Thank you, Janet! – E.C Dallas TX

I have always found Janet’s insights to be right-on and precise. She has been enormously helpful to me in my career and personal life, even if only to confirm my own intuition and insights. She provides a wonderful service to her clients. – PM, Dallas, TX

Janet’s insights have been invaluable for me. In addition, working with Janet has allowed me to acknowledge and embrace my own intuitive power. – SW, Tucson, AZ

After meeting Janet five years ago and being very impressed with her intuitive readings, I have found her perspective invaluable in assessing major life changes such as marriage, infertility and subsequent pregnancy. I recommend her services highly to anyone who would like an uncannily prescient view on any important manner. – PM, Portland, OR

Every reading I have ever received from Janet has helped me tremendously. She gets my energy and my thoughts flowing in the right directions. She nails it on the head when talking about what is going on within me and my life. She gives constructive feedback on how to clear out negative energy that is holding me back and how to welcome in positive energy to move forward.

The first time I ever met Janet, she described my future husband. Two and a half years later the man I married was the same man she described. She also said that I would have two children– a girl first then a boy– I have a five year old girl and a 2 1/2 year old little boy.

Janet is incredibly intuitive and sometimes she tells you things that you already knew in your gut but were afraid to trust it. She is incredibly gifted and talented and I am blessed that she shares her gift with the world. – BG, Charlotte, NC

Janet gives you the roadmap to change and improve your life. She sees right into the core of your soul, your mind, your being. If you listen to her wisdom and vision, she will take you to a place of healing and remarkable growth. – SU, Minneapolis, MN

Janet is not just intuitive, she is also like a therapist. The information she gave me helped me to understand myself and my relationships with others better. For example, she pinpointed that something about my husband disconnects my perfectionism when I am with him, which is enormously valuable to have, and to know. It was not something I could articulate, and Janet gave me the words. I think of her counsel to me often. She is very talented. – LLS, New York, NY

I was moved by what Janet had to say about my life. She gave me a lot to go think about, and act on. – NN, New York, NY

I met Janet in the spring of 2019 and my primary concern was my health and wellness as I’ve suffered from poor digestion my whole life and also was going through perimenopause and so I felt like a wreck and nothing I tried for almost 3 years helped. I had gained about 10 lbs and nothing I did helped to take it off. I wasn’t asking Janet for medical advice but if a new course of action I was trying would work to shed some pounds. Janet herself made one suggestion and I was, at first, reluctant to try it because I had tried this course of action years ago and did not find relief but I decided this time to try it again as it had been over 15 years and I was at a point where I thought, why not, I’ve tried everything else for 3 years and nothing else helped. Well, let me tell you, within 6 weeks I felt amazing, better energy, looked better, slept better, rashes on my body disappeared, and pants that didn’t fit for 3 years were close to fitting again. I was about to give up and she knew exactly what was wrong with me. She is so gentle and loving and caring also, and makes you feel at ease and OK about everything you discuss.

I also asked her a lot about career and work and she was spot on there too, she read my work situation exactly – she described my CEO and was able to get inside of his head also. Finally, I asked Janet about my love life and again, she could very easily see inside of me and how I was feeling and thinking and why I was not putting myself out there enough to meet someone and told me a few things to help me change my attitude and give me the confidence to get back out there again. Janet is my go to person – she is solid, accurate, kind, and so helpful in all she says and how she delivers feedback💛💜 – AK, New York

My husband and I went to Janet in a time where we were looking for some life direction. Janet gave us the spiritual guidance we needed to get us through a very tough time. Not only that – but she gave us hope for the future and let us know that we would be expecting a baby girl very soon. Since we were not pregnant at the time, it seemed like a faraway dream. Almost a year later I am 7 months pregnant with a baby girl. Thank you Janet for all your continued help and support. – BH, New Jersey

Your reading was so accurate last time and helped so much. – MR, Los Angeles, CA

Janet will always be a part of my special memory moments. Allowing me to see who I am, giving me clarity of past stress and confidence to approach my future are gifts of immeasurable value. – BC, Portland, OR

I have connected with Janet when I have been uncertain and anxious about events happening in my life. I trust her gift. She has been right on in every prediction and touching base with her brings me peace and faith that helps keep me optimistic about my future. – TR, Cleveland, OH

Janet is exceptional. She made me a believer. – KR, Tucson, AZ

Janet predicted I’d be pregnant by Christmas and I am!!! It is September and I am about to go into my fourth month!!! She gave me such clarity. – CH, Baltimore, MD

Janet was right about so many things. She gave us some spiritual guidance to help get us through a very hard time. She predicted things about my husband’s business. Also – we were able to get pregnant right away just like she said! And she was right, it is a girl, I am currently 4 weeks pregnant. – BH, Florida

Last year, I was able to meet with Janet at Miraval. She told me my nanny (father’s mother) was holding my hand. At the time I had two boys. Janet said that I was going to have one more. It would happen unexpectedly and it would be a girl, just like my nanny had. Janet also said my nanny said not to worry this time.

Wellll….I got pregnant unexpectedly right when I got home from Miraval and welcomed a little girl 2 months ago. This was my least scary pregnancy. Pretty crazy and still gives me the chills. – JA

Many people have intuition. Janet is unique in that she also possesses wisdom and compassion. She not only has a sense of what’s wrong in a situation or relationship – she also has a feel for what’s right, and what can be done to improve things. When a relationship has gone as far as it can, Janet is willing to say that, too. It’s always a relief to hear what she says. DP, New York City.

I found Janet’s intuition extraordinary. I periodically listen to the recorded session, and each time find new insights. TLA, New York City.

I have worked with Janet over a number of years and found her intuitive abilities to be quite profound. She was able to help me discover some significant issues and because of her advice, I was able to change directions in my life. As a result I am now living my life in a much more satisfying way than before. AS, Austin, TX

I approached the session with skepticism. I was trying something new. Well, my life has changed after meeting Janet. She has an uncanny way of stating what I was thinking (and hoping) but was afraid to admit to myself. I felt a new calmness and strength I had forgot I had. Not only did Janet impact my emotional health, she also had a HUGE impact on my physical health. She did healing energy work on my energy fields (aura) and assisted me with a visual problem I’d learned to live with. I left and was able to see better than I had in years! Janet has truly opened my eyes. I cannot wait to talk with her again! RC, Tampa, FL

Janet is truly a miracle healer. After months and months of fruitless doctor visits searching for a diagnosis for the cause of my daughter’s rare and chronic symptoms. Janet was able to quickly identify the real source of my daughter’s problem. My daughter has incorporated Janet’s incredibly valuable treatment suggestions, and she is now, finally, feeling like herself again. Our family considers Janet a rare and priceless resource in our times of need, and Janet never disappoints us in providing the exact right guidance, insight, solution to the issue at hand. MK, Brooklyn, NY

I found our hour-long session to be incredibly enlightening, and used the feedback and commentary as a way of focusing on what’s important to me for the futrue and what changes I could make in my lifestyle now to get there. I found Janet to be very open minded and intuitive as to what I was going through. VIM, Chicago, IL

Thank you again for amazing workshop.  Please let Janet know how essential & beneficial her techniques were. We have some new coping skills we will definitely use.”  D. A. Naples, FL

I am going to reflect on this workshop for the rest of my life! This is the most impactful lesson I’ve ever had. I want to thank Janet for being so amazing and wish she was here every 6 months!  S. T. Naples, FL

Janet is a gift.  L.O. Napels, FL

The Meditation Workshops are really great and they work! C.S. Los Angeles, CA

My first guided meditation with Janet was by far the most helpful meditation I’ve tried. She customized the session to focus on some stressors I’ve been faced with recently. This included coaching me through letting go of negativity from myself and from others that wasn’t productive and then providing me with techniques to reframe and refocus my thinking. By the end of the meditation, I felt calm, energized, empowered and far less stressed. I’ve had a few sessions with Janet now and I really appreciate how warm and supportive she is, as well as her focus on giving her clients the tools and tips they need to make their day to day lives more balanced and fulfilling. Lisa B, Seattle, WA

Meditation is an amazing practice with Janet : she’s naturally highly intuitive and tailors the intensional direction in a very personalized. way. I’m always left with an extreme sense of profound meaning with a new viewpoint of my mindset. Plus, Janet sends you the recording so you’re able to listen and get grounded at your leisure. She’s really brought a new clarity to my meditation practice. Love her! Lauren B, Reno, NV

I use Janet’s meditation tools every day to help me focus. I actually feel physically better at the end of each session, with less stress and anxiety.  It works so well that I’ve started to use the meditation techniques in the moment, whenever I’m feeling anxious or confused. I feel calmer and have noticed a great improvement in my self-esteem. JK, Los Angeles, CA

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