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Janet Rae Orth Letting Go Testimonials

Intuition has been acknowledged since ancient times, as many view this guidance as an invaluable way to understand many aspects of their own lives, and those around us. This valuable tool continues through today.

Intuitive readings are a safe and secure way to gain more insight into various parts of your life, decisions and changes. These readings are a wonderful way to explore the thoughts and feelings that you keep locked away and to better discover yourself, your beliefs, and the limits in your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Your energy can become blocked, creating disturbances both physically and emotionally that can drastically impact your life. The positive changes and clarity that come from an intuitive reading will help release this blocked energy. Since once we become aware of the negative patterns, we can remake them into positive and validating attitudes that allow energy to flow clearly.

An intuitive reading can also be useful to those individuals who are seeking guidance or insight into issues our loved ones, or those around us are facing. The information provided in a reading is very specific and useful. Often times deceased loved ones or pets will also come in.

When Janet conducts an intuitive reading, she uses her 6th chakra, which is often referred to as the third eye in other cultures. By reading the energy of the aura, your life experience is illuminated and interpreted in a way which provides clarity and understanding. An aura reading covers everything from home, work, money, relationships, health and self-esteem to communication. Janet will provide you with validating and reassuring insight about who you are, what you are creating, and what is going on in your life. Janet’s main purpose during these readings is to help you create change, understand yourself and others, and identify energy blockages. She provides an opportunity to work through these energy blockages with continued counsel, her guided meditation, and her healing work. These services are available over the phone or in person. Clarity and change are just a phone call away!

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Manifesting 101- Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

April 27, 2024 

Release limiting beliefs and cultivate self-love harvesting the power of your creative potential.  During this workshop you’ll participate in guided sessions integrating practical meditation, somatic experiences and intention setting. Learn how other people’s energy may effect you and what you create. You’ll have a deeper understanding of your limiting belief systems that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams and practical tools to help you create the life you want.

  • Energy Dynamics and Energy Boundaries
  • Energetic Release and Recharge
  • Unlocking Creative Potential
  • Reframe Your Mindset
  • Manifestation Tools and Techniques

April 27th, 2024 9-6 pm at Hyatt Regency, Dallas-Frisco, Stonebriar Centre. Contact Janet to sign up.

Miraval Immersion with Janet Rae Orth

December 5 – 8, 2024

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and manifestation. Led by our gifted clairvoyant Janet Rae Orth, this 3-day immersion will help you identify and release limiting beliefs, empower your creative potential, and provide tools and techniques for manifesting your heart’s true desires.

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Letting Go

February 2025 Naples Florida

Release the deep emotional barriers from past disappointments, and cultivate self-forgiveness.  During this workshop you’ll participate in guided sessions to go deep and find the pain you are holding onto and let it go. This may be from relationships that have not worked out, family that doesn’t support or understand you, the blame others have placed on you for their pain. Learn how you’ve been holding this pain against yourself and open your heart to greater trust and healing.  You’ll have a deeper understanding of why you have accepted the responsibility for this hurt, instead of letting it go and forgiving yourself.  You will leave feeling refreshed and inspired.

  • Karma and Blame
  • Lies in our space
  • Forgiveness 
  • Release and let it go.
  • Tools for self healing 

See what Janet’s clients have said about this workshop.

The benefits of meditation are well-documented, including stress reduction and an increase in serotonin levels. Serotonin is an important compound, known for helping regulate mood, behavior, and overall happiness. It has links to sexual desire, appetite, sleep, and your memory as well! Meditation can also lower blood pressure and help you to create a more positive attitude, greater focus, less anxiety and feelings of being centered. Plus, meditation has an interesting “side benefit” – it helps to increase your intuition!

Meditation benefits you by bringing your awareness and energy back to you. Janet provides guided meditation to help you recognize and cultivate the practical use of intuition by listening to your inner voice. You will rediscover your own original essence through guided meditation and learn to operate from a place of inspiration and imagination. As you learn the tools provided in the guided meditation, you begin to immediately manifest your true desires. Tools include grounding, being in present time, releasing foreign energy and protecting your space.

Janet is available for private guided meditation sessions by phone or in person. Sessions can be conducted to work on specific energy or patterns determined in a reading, or to learn how to meditate.  To schedule a session with her please call-text Janet at 520-733-9339 or email her.

See what Janet’s clients have said about her guided meditation.

Guided Classes and Meditation Workshops

Janet’s classes and workshops are designed to help you release energy in your physical and emotional bodies.  You can create greater happiness, wellness and fulfillment in your life! There are several celebrated guided class series available to do over the phone or in person with Janet. In addition, she can create a class for your specific needs and desires.

Psychic Boundaries

Do you feel tired or stressed but unsure why? We often internalize other people’s energy and emotions without realizing it. It can distract and drain us, blurring boundaries and bewildering perception. Learn tools and techniques in this popular class with Janet Rae Orth that can protect you from other people’s unwelcome energy and make space for joy and vitality.

The Rose Meditation Audio which accompanies this class is available for purchase for $45.

Click here to order

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Workshop

This life changing, five part guided series has been created to help you recognize and cultivate the practical use of your intuition by listening to your inner voice. You will rediscover your own original essence through guided exercises and learn how to operate from a place of inspiration and imagination.

This series includes:

Intuition: A Creative Approach to Problem Solving

From the beginning we have lived successfully by responding to the wisdom of our inner truth and inner knowingness. This is the effortless way of problem solving. In this segment you will experience the awakening of your intuition by creating communication between heart and mind. You will be shown how to recognize the importance of appropriate timing and when to initiate action.

Creating a Balance

The relationship that we have with ourself is our first priority. Everything flows from knowing our own needs. In this segment you will look at how you may be creating your life to fit someone else’s expectations. You will release fear, failure and the inability to create change. You will learn how to balance the dynamics of giving and receiving by creating boundaries and telling your own truths.

Honoring your Body, Honoring Yourself

Caring for the body is giving to ourselves. In this segment you will learn how to respond to your body by hearing it’s voice and recognizing any blocks of energy and their corresponding emotional source. You will learn techniques for clearing foreign energy from your body.

Know Yourself, Love Yourself

Having love for ourselves is having confidence in ourselves and our ability to create. This segment addresses value judgments and barriers to self-esteem. The focus of this meditation is self-understanding and the letting go of energy that sets limits and says, “You cant have!”. You will be looking at and validating your successes and achievements with true self-knowledge and admiration. Self healing occurs when we forgive and believe in ourselves.

Creating Magic In Daily Life

When we create according to our heart’s desire the extraordinary becomes ordinary! In the final segment you will begin to create the changes you desire by establishing clarity, focus and trust. As a result you will have tools for giving to yourself and creating joy in daily life.

This series is available in private sessions over the phone with Janet, or in person when she comes to your area. To begin to immediately manifest your heart’s desire contact Janet now.

Enlightened Living Workshop

This popular workshop helps you in releasing energy from your physical and emotional bodies. Caring for your body is giving to yourself, nourishes your wellness, and allows you to move forward freely. This guided meditation series works on a deeper level, helping you deprogram old cultural, genetic and family patterns in your aura and chakras. In this series, you will discover how to recognize energy blocks and patterns and their corresponding emotional source. We will work with each chakra as we do this.

Janet will teach you techniques for clearing and releasing foreign energy from your body. By doing this, you will learn how to be more grounded in your body, which will create feelings of greater emotional safety, comfort, enthusiasm, and vitality.

This seven part program works with the seven major chakras: root, spleen, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown.

Either series can be conducted one on one with Janet over the phone, or in person. If you are interested in bringing this workshop to your area, please contact Janet.

Read what Janet’s clients have said about her guided workshops.

Custom Workshops

Janet is available for custom workshops, depending on your specific needs. Janet is also available to come to your area and work with you or your group. Please contact Janet to discuss the possibilities.

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Everyone has their own aura or energy, that requires nurturing and balance. It is a direct part of who you are, your life experience, and your attitude, meaning that when it’s thriving, you are also flourishing. Likewise, when you aren’t feeling well, this energy is also thrown off course. Any emotional trauma, sour mood, daily stress, or other’s energy, can set your energy levels off-balance, but Janet can help you to identify these upsets and restore balance.

When energy patterns become stuck or unmoving, it disturbs both the physical and emotional bodies of the individual. This can show itself in how you feel throughout your daily life, the weight of the burdens you are handling, and even in illness related to anxiety or negative feelings. By working with the energy field of an individual, in a hands-off way, Janet facilitates the release of these blockages. The result provides greater vitality, wellness, and aids in self-healing of emotional and physical pain. She can teach you how to identify when these blockages occur for yourself, and how you can channel positivity into your energy, as well as assist you in working through these blockages with a combination of readings, healings, and workshops.

Janet can do energy healing in person, long distance, and over the phone. Call her now if you are in need of energy healing.

Read more about energy fields (auras) here.

Read what Janet’s clients have said about her energy healing work.

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