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April Newsletter: This is how you manifest

This is how you manifest. Last Saturday, my daughter and I went to dinner. We have two dogs at home. Our German Shepard Bella is older and doing great but she has some issues. So we know our time with her is precious. As we prepare for this, we have talked about how lost our Golden Retriever Zoey will be without her, as well as our cats. Bella has made them all her pack and she takes excellent care of them. Our Golden isn’t the smartest Golden ever and she will need a new alpha.

So on the way to dinner, my daughter was talking about getting a new puppy. She had a few breeds in mind, a Border Collie or a Blue Heeler. She also knew she wanted a female. This is step one in manifesting, being clear on what you want. She read me the different attributes of these breeds and told me why she felt they would be good choices. As we discussed them, it became more clear what dog would be right for us. We need a good alpha, who is loving, gentle, loyal, smart and protective. She also felt that Bella, our German wants to have one more job before she goes. Helping the new puppy learn the ropes of our family. So essentially, that would mean getting a new puppy now.

I told her all the issues I had with getting a new dog. That I didn’t want to clean up after or feed it. I told her how much our German cost when we got her from a breeder and said it would probably be much more now. I asked where we would get a dog like what she wanted, a specific breed, from a breeder? She said she wanted a mix. She felt they are better. I told her it might be hard to find the specific breed she wanted at a shelter here. This is step two in manifesting, clearing out the resistance, both yours and other peoples. That might get in the way. Discovering what the obstacles are to having what you want. My daughter got a pretty clear impression where my limits were. Both in care and the cost of a breeder.

At dinner, my daughter told me she had watched many videos online of people finding pets on the side of the road, abandoned. I told her I had seen those too. But I’ve lived in Tucson again since 1994 and I have never seen or heard of that happening here. Next, my daughter told me this new thing she had been doing. She said when she wants something, she has found that it is better to let the Universe decide. Rather than to try to force something to happen. She said when she does that it doesn’t usually work out. She gave me examples of how well this had been working for her.

So when we got home that night, having become clear on what she wanted, a female puppy, that is a Border Collie or Blue Heeler. A mix that Bella can train. Having cleared out the resistance, which in this case, was mostly that I didn’t want to be responsible for the care, or cost of a new puppy. Before going to bed she emphatically and confidently declared, that if the Universe wanted her to have a new puppy, the universe would find a way to get it to her. This is step three of manifesting, let it go. This is a very important step and for some people the hardest.

On Sunday morning, she woke up and feed our current pets (I usually do that) then went to meet a friend at the Circle K, between their houses. This is a busy intersection for Tucson, on a Sunday morning, with at least 5 churches nearby. When my daughter got out of her car, she saw a puppy running around. Naturally she went up to it, and the puppy came over to her too. Upon discovery, there was also another puppy, the same breed as the one running around, in a box. So my daughter gathered them up and determined the sexes. The boy is now in a good home, and she decided she wanted to take the girl. She is in great shape and the vet declared her to be a mix of Border Collie and Blue Heeler with a little bit of Lab. Which will make her an alpha dog, who is loving and gentle too. We can already see she is super smart. She didn’t cost anything to get and because we rescued her, the animal rescue place will chip her for free. This is a prime example of manifesting. By following these three steps, the Universe brought her exactly what she wanted, how she wanted, when she let it go.

Reach out if you would like to learn more about manifesting.

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