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What is an Aura?

A lot of people think it is a new age concept. However, auras have been represented from antiquity in many pictorial ways. Both Christ and Buddha are frequently shown with a single or triple halo surrounding the head. The Church of the Resurrection in St. Petersburg, Russia depicts Christ and his disciples on lavish mosaics reflected this way. The painting of the Last Supper by Tintoretto (1592-94) clearly shows Christ’s aura surrounding his body as a glowing light. The Virgin Mary is frequently shown this way, too with a glowing light all around her body. And there are many other examples.

This is interesting because…according to Harpers’ Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences, (HEMP) “The aura is not visible to normal vision, but may be seen by clairvoyance as a halo of light.” And it suggests that clairvoyants, who see the aura, see the magnetic field which may register as light. In Matthew (17.2) after seeing Christ’s transfiguration he says “his garments became white as light.” Ancient writings and art of Egypt, India, Greece and Rome reflect beliefs of the emanation of vital energy from life forms. In the sixteenth century Paracelsus expounded on the astral body describing it as a “fiery globe.” (HEMP) Many cultures around the world recognize the spirit. The white buffalo in Native American culture is actually the spirit buffalo.

Kirlian Photography…was developed in the 1940’s. Kirlian photography is a technique for photographing objects which show glowing multicolored emanations said to be auras. The former Soviet Union used Kirlian photography as a way of assessing athletes’ metabolic processes and fitness. (HEMP) These are clearly not new age concepts, but classical art, ancient wisdom and modern science.

The aura itself relates to the electromagnetic field which emanates from all matter. This field of energy is outside of the range of normal vision. However, even for those of you who cannot see an aura, you can still experience it in many ways. For example, think of a time when you have been driving down the highway and you find yourself looking in your rearview mirror, seconds before the approaching highway patrolman appears. Sensing the edge of the approaching patrolman’s aura is what causes us to look back. We actually feel it. Or we have all had the experience of someone getting in “our space.”

The aura is the spiritual body. The aura surrounds the physical body and consists of seven layers of subtle energy. The seven layers are generated by the seven Chakras referenced in yoga traditions and Chinese medicine. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Chakras means wheels of light. These spinning vortexes of energy generate the aura itself. Each Chakra has its own characteristic and relationship to one of the various glands of the endocrine system. The Chakras are the channels through which this energy flows into our bodies. The first three Chakras, and layers of the aura have to do with the physical body, the fourth Chakra connects the physical and spiritual body, and the last three Chakras have to do with spiritual body.

When energy patterns become stuck or unmoving in the aura, it disturbs the physical as well as emotional bodies of the individual. (Even the former Soviet Union knew this). We are dependent upon the active and harmonious flow of energy to maintain our good health. Because our minds as well as our bodies are composed of energy and create dis-ease. These blockages can be released when we make changes in our thinking about ourselves and our lives. Once we become aware of negative patterns we can remake them into positive and validating attitudes that allow energy to flow clearly.

If you are feeling stuck, or you need some insight into your life; you might want to call me for an aura reading or energy healing. Please check out the testimonial below about a healing I gave a client to see how you may benefit from an energy healing. I do these over the phone.

Another way for you to begin to experience and increase your own well-being is to learn to use meditation as a way to clear your own space and balance your aura. This is what I teach in my guided meditation and meditation workshops, you can check those out here.

“I approached the session with skepticism. I was trying something new. Well, my life has changed after meeting Janet. She has an uncanny way of stating what I was thinking (and hoping) but was afraid to admit to myself. I felt a new calmness and strength I forgot I had. Not only did Janet impact my emotional health, she also had a HUGE impact on my physical health. She did healing energy work on my energy fields (aura) and assisted me with a visual problem I’d learned to live with. I left and was able to see better than I had in years! Janet has truly opened my eyes! I cannot wait to talk with her again.” – R.C. Tampa, FL

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