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Tapping in to Your Spiritual Gifts

From Urban Wellness Magazine

Spring is a time for new growth and expansion. Just as the trees and plants are blooming and coming back to life from a dormant period, we are ready to take on and do more too. Some planetary changes happening this March will help us grow in new ways. Are you ready to expand your spiritual gifts?

Astro-forecast for context:

This March Pluto is entering Aquarius. Aquarius rules independence, innovation, rebellion and progressive social change. Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the sun. The last time it was in Aquarius was from 1777-1798. During this time we had the French and American revolutions.

Pluto will enter Aquarius for a short period in March and give us a preview. It will return in January 2024, for a period of 20 years. We are already seeing and experiencing some of the changes that will come during this next age of Aquarius. As we move into this new phase of Pluto, we can begin to manifest our own independence and release the energy that has been holding us back or restricting us. What spiritual gifts do you have that you would like to develop or utilize more? Are you clairsentient or clear feeling? Another word for this would be intuitive. Do you get a gut feeling about something or someone?

The way to develop this more is to feel your feelings. When you meet someone for the first time or go out with a new friend, feel your body at the end of the evening. Are you breathing deeply or shallowly? They both mean something. Are you stiff or tired? That is a feeling that means something didn’t feel right for you. If you go on a job interview, are you excited? That feeling may mean this is the right path for you. If you feel anxious, that might mean you need to learn or know more about the company before you can decide. Pay attention to what you feel in all situations and use those feelings as a guide.

Are you telepathic? Do you think of someone before they call you randomly? Do you know your friend is going to cancel your plans before they even reach out and tell you? Practice paying attention to these random things that come into your head. Maybe they aren’t random. It could be, your friend who you haven’t spoken to much since college is thinking of calling and looking for your number, and that is why they popped into your head! Maybe your friend who has to cancel is thinking about telling you, and you got the message telepathically. Isn’t that amazing? It isn’t random, it is a gift you have. We all tend to dismiss or not notice these gifts, yet they are there with us daily if we pay attention.

As spring comes into full bloom, pay attention to your body, your feelings, and your thoughts. Tune inward, notice, and trust these feelings; like spring flowers, they will grow and flourish.

Written by Janet Rae Orth for Urban Wellness Magazine

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