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No Time or Space

I recently learned something very interesting. The average dream lasts 30 seconds. The whole thing; people chasing you, kissing you, laughing at you when you go to work in your pajamas, the intricate story line…30 seconds. Dreams take place in no time and space.

When I do a reading and look at someone clairvoyantly, my eyes are closed and I do this in no time and space. This is why it does not matter if the person I am reading is sitting in front of me, or 3000 miles away. When you are doing meditation, you are also in a naturally altered state, which has no time or space.

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, who consulted with the actors and producers for the movie the Aviator, to help them illustrate the effects of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); states that studies have been conducted on actors portraying characters with disorders like OCD. Their brain activity will show the activity of that disorder, even though they do not really have it.

Numerous studies have been conducted on patients with multiple personalities, on the physiological effects on the body when personalities change. For example one personality may be nearsighted, while another is not. Or one may be diabetic, while another one is not. The body chemistry will actually change to match the host personality and disorders that personality believes it has.

Tests have shown that smiling at yourself in the mirror, on a regular basis, is equally as effective in the treatment of depression, as anti-depressant medication. And according to the New York Times Magazine, Tibetan Buddhist monks submitted to functional magnetic resonance imagining as they practiced meditation. “The brain scans showed only a slight effect in novice meditators. But for monks who had spent more than 10,000 hours in meditation, the differences in brain function were striking. Activity in the left prefrontal cortex, the locus of joy, overwhelmed activity in the right frontal cortex, the locus of anxiety. All of which suggests, say the scientists, that the resting state of the brain many be altered by long-term meditative practice.

And imagine what 30 seconds could do! Change the way you think and change your life. Mind-body-spirit. Or if you think in terms of the 100 monkey syndrome, change the way you think and others may change too.

“Many indigenous people recognize that through prayer, dreams, and visions, individuals can touch the heart and spirit of other human beings, regardless of physical time and distance.” – The Four Fold Way, Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.

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